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Real Estate Buyers, You Need to Know This


Buying real estate in Florida Saint petersburg? Here is what you have to know.

With today’s internet and property search sites like real estate turkey istanbul, Trulia, Zillow, etc, it is easy to find a home or condo for sale, but it is more important for buyers to understand the buying process. Are you looking for a home or condo in Saint Petersburg Clearwater? Well, you might want to read the information below. It is a to do and not to do list that will be a big help in the buying process. As a buyer and especially in today’s market you need a lot of information about the real estate buying process.

As we have seen over the last few years, buyers got excited, the money was available and a lot of people bought property without doing their homework first. Not a good approach, let’s learn from the mistakes that were made when buying a new home or condo. In real estate the three most important words used to be Location, Location, Location. This is more true than ever. Take a very good look at the area, make sure you know what the neighborhood is like and where it is. Here In Tampa bay, Pinellas county we have a different neighborhood every few miles, towns like Redington beach or Redington Shores are just 10 blocks long and maybe 4 blocks wide and than you have cities like Madeira Beach and Treasure Island or St. Pete Beach that have somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 residents.

Look at Seminole, it is so much bigger than the little beach towns, but it is only a few miles away from them. Check on how this particular community did over the last few years when it comes to home values and price changes. Look at the statistics, has it gone down in price and by how much. Are you really getting a good deal? What if I want to sell it again in a few years, will it be attractive to other buyers? Is the neighborhood close to schools and parks and area attractions? Are their any deed restrictions? Is the house in a flood zone? What is the elevation? How far is the closes hospital? How long will it take to get to the nearest airport? Are there any major new construction planned in the neighborhood?

Is the area on a sewer system or septic tank? If it is a condo or townhome, what restrictions do they have, can I rent it out if I want or need to? How about my dog or cat, can I bring my pets? Is parking a problem? What about the monthly maintenance fees. How much are they, will they go up soon? Does this association have reserves? What are restrictions on 55and over communities? Questions over questions that need answers. It is wonderful when you are exciting to buy a new home or condo and there are some good deals in our Saint Petersburg Tampabay area, but do not get carried away.

Ask your Realtor questions and lots of them. If you have a good real estate agent they will appreciate you interest and help you whenever they can. Make sure your real estate agent knows the area well, this is very important. Get all the information you can on the local real state market before you sign a contract.

Ok, enough now, click on the links below and see the step by step guide to buying a home or condo. Please keep in mind, I can only speak for the Florida real estate market, there might be different rules and laws in other state.

Step # 1 Buying property here in St. Petersburg Florida Sorry, there are 11 steps to the buying process but this format only allows to add one. You can find the others on my website.

If you think about buying or selling a house or condo in Saint Petersburg Florida, give me a call. I know the market, I know the neighborhood. Ask me about waterfront homes or condos in St. Pete beach. Treasure Island, Madeira beach, Seminole and other Tampa Bay areas. 727 409 8706






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