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Is Your French Bulldog Puppy Aggressive? Try These Quick-Fix Tips!

French Bulldog puppies are usually smart, affectionate and well behaved dogs but something can go wrong with any breed. Whether it be a bad breeder who does not properly socialize or something you may be doing wrong, your puppy could be aggressive. But don’t worry – all hope is not lost. Try these tips to stop your French Bulldog puppy’s aggression in its tracks!

1. Growling, snarling, snapping French bulldog under $1000 and other signs of aggression can quickly become dangerous for you and your family. When your puppy exhibits these behaviors, it usually means that he is trying to obtain dominance over you and the other members of your family. To stop those behaviors, you have to prove to him that you are alpha and must be respected as such. In a dog pack, the alpha dog is rarely challenged by the others. The sooner you prove yourself as the leader of the pack, the sooner your puppy’s aggression should subside.

2. Showing aggressive behaviors around food, treats, toys and bones can also be a problem in puppies. Alpha dogs control who eats and when in the pack – you need to emulate the alpha in the pack. When you are preparing his food, keep him out of the room so he cannot bark or jump on you. When you are ready for him to eat, call him to his eating area and make him sit quietly for at least 5 seconds before you give him his bowl. This will show your puppy that you are in control of when he eats which means you are alpha, not him.

3. Above all else, do not let you French Bulldog puppy think that he can get away with showing signs of aggression. When your puppy growls or exhibits other aggressive behaviors, immediately tell him “no” in a loud, harsh tone so that the message is loud and clear.


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