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Getting to the heart of Reflexology


Many years ago, I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the New Zealand Reflexology Association conference. They laughed and said I will plan on my keynote speech being 1. 5 hours. Now I have presented many workshops, trainings, and presentations but I was never a keynote speaker which means this was something new for me. What was I assume to provide for their opening conference keynote? With 1. 5 hours I was told to create the tone for their weekend event. I sure as bejesus didn’t know what I would say. As i begun to work on my keynote, I decided to tie it to their theme which called ‘Getting to the Heart of Reflexology”. This theme was from the Sorcerer of Oz as it was their tenth loved-one’s birthday and 10 years relates to container, hence, the Container Man who needed a heart.


Spiritual teachers tell us that the best way to discover our true purpose is to first understand who we actually are. This means finding out 동탄출장마사지. how we think, what our constraining beliefs are and what keeps us curious and interested in something. As Reflexologists, our curiosity and love in our profession tells us a lot about ourselves. There is something magical about Reflexology that keeps us in the game and curious to explore more of this wonderful healing modality.

All us has our own reasons for continuing with this practice and staying on the yellow stone road seeking to clarify our journey even as go along. And just like the Container Man, The Lion, The Scarecrow, and Dorothy, we follow our paths where it takes us — each for our own reasons and each step along the way, details more of the journey itself.

My journey started about 45 years ago soon there after the death of my first husband when i was 27. I had 2 girls and it was the early 1970’s. For anyone as old as i am, you will remember that the 1970’s were a time of confusion, deep changes in how people went about doing their lives, challenging the machine, rocking the boat, and causing many older folks to scratch their heads and wonder what has become of us as a human race. I decided to move from my small home town in New york State to the big city of Toronto to pursue my education. I desired to learn how to be me on my own terms and I desired to define my own path.

This became scary at times but I figured, like Dorothy who was seeking to return to her home, I needed to discover my made use of to myself — my foundation of who I am. Along this journey, I was lucky to get married to Bill, who was also widowed and had a small son and blending together our families, we became the Brady Bunch.

Bill introduced me to deep breathing which led me to take my first yoga teachers lessons in Toronto. One night after class, my yoga teacher said he wanted to show me some pressure point work. I was lucky to have menstrual cramping pains at the time and he did some points on me which completely dissipated the cramping pains and I thought, wow, this sure beats Midol pills.

About this same time Bill’s son, Ian was diagnosed with a curvature in his back and we were delivered to Sunnybrook Hospital for X-Rays. The X-Rays showed that Ian’s cool bone fit into his cool outlet incorrectly which ended with one leg much shorter than the other. I asked my yoga teacher about the pressure point work and whether it could help Ian which led me to my first reflexology training called Vita Flex.

I told the teacher about Ian’s leg and he previously me bring Ian to him and demonstrated what I will work on to balance the asymmetry taking place in Ian at that time. He said there is actually a leg-lengthening point in the receiver collar bone and besides pressing this point, I was told to thumb walk down both sides of Ian’s back and press into the shoulder blade points and the cool area points along with the spinal reflexes in the hands and feet. This took me all of 2 minutes every day and after 3 months, we returned to Sunnybrook for another set of X-rays. Ian was completely normalized. We were very impressed!

Now I was on my way — the healing martial arts disciplines was my focus and I was thrilled and in shock of the wisdom of without struggling of addressing fluctuations by the body processes, stress and tension and encouraging the body that will get back to balance. I couldn’t put my hands on people’s feet fast enough.

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