Breast Implants – Gummy Bear Breast Implant

For a woman, when it comes to enhancing their figure, the most common idea that comes to mind is not the reshaping of the thighs, buttocks or hips but rather it is the increase in bust size through the use of a breast implant. Visit the official These implants which are placed during the breast augmentation come in many different sizes, shapes, textures and even choices in fillings. From the traditional silicone filled breast implant to the saline solution filled implant and now even the gummy bear implant, with so many choices to choose from making the decision may seem impossible.

Originally, the breast implant used a thin silicone shell which was then filled with a silicone solution before finally being hermetically sealed. Unfortunately although this was a great design, the walls of the implant were way too thin and often resulted in a ruptured implant. These initial ruptures led to a number of class-action lawsuits until finally silicone implants were banned.

This did not stop the breast augmentations from happening as right about the same time; the saline filled breast implants became available and were an excellent solution to the problem. Although a silicone implant rupture may go years unnoticed, the saline implants when ruptured are almost always noticed immediately. The good news is that the saline solution is easily absorbed into the body with no real side-effects.

In recent times, the silicone implant made its way back into the market after going through several redesigns of the outer shell and is now far less likely to rupture. This does not mean that a rupture cannot occur; it just means that the chances of it happening are far less.

The most recent advancement in implant technology has brought around what has been aptly called the gummy bear implant. While it is still filled with silicone, it cannot leak because the silicone is solid much like that of a gummy bear candy and the best part is that the feel of it is almost exactly the same. These are a great option and have already become very popular choices.

The cost of the implants themselves vary greatly mainly because the number of decisions available. Each filling type comes in a multitude of shapes sizes as well as textures with each serving a specific purpose and final appearance after the recovery period has ended.

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