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A 3rd Party Review Of Fortune High Tech Marketing – Is FHTM Another Pyramid Scheme?

Starting your own business requires a strong work ethic and pure determination if you want to have success. You are probably reading this article because someone introduced you to the Fortune High Tech Marketing business opportunity. The fact that you are doing your own research proves that you are serious and want to make sure you are joining a company that is legitimate. This Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing review will help you understand more about the company, compensation plan, products and services and if the opportunity is too good to be true.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Paul Orberson who continues to act as President of the company. Over the past few years there has been several legal complaints about how the company operates business but all have been resolved or dismissed which leads me to believe the company is operating under the law.

FHTM is a network marketing company also known as direct sales. Their products and services are marketed through a large independent sales force which act as representatives for the company. Operations are in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico with headquarteres in Lexington, Kentucky.

Quality products and services is the key to the success of Fortune High Tech Marketing. They offer a variety of products and services that can be categorized in 4 different groups: Health & Wellness, Services, Entertainment and Communications.

Independent representatives of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing are able to market these services where available. Here are some common household names that FHTM represents: Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, AT&T, Dish Network, True Essentials and Front Point Security. For a complete list of products and services please the FHTM website.

Often times the compensation plan of a company in this industry shorts its representatives in the field but this is not the case with the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing compensation plan. There are 3 basic ways to earn income with FHTM. When you sponsor a new representative who obtains just a few customer points you can earn a $100 fast start bonus. These bonuses add up very fast as your team grows and all commissions are paid out weekly. You are also paid between 2%-20% on all personal and team customers within your organization. The last way you are compensated is with their lucrative car allowance program. As you promote to a certain level in the company you will qualify for a platinum Lexus which will be paid for entirely by FHTM.

The opportunity with Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is virtually unlimited. The products and services are common household names which most people are already paying for. Leveraging the power of relationship marketing helps you acquire just a handful of customers. This concept is becoming more and more popular and is a legitimate way for companies to market their products and services. Anyone considering the FHTM opportunity can be sure that the company is solid and secure.

Sadly, most FHTM representatives will never make it and will eventually quit. The facts are that 97% of network marketers are like this and the trend is clear that they lack essential skills that only the elite in this industry have. The 2 most important things about building a large Fortune High Tech Marketing business is learning how to recruit and duplicating your marketing efforts. Until these skills are mastered you can never become successful in this industry.Techmaster60

My suggestion is to partner with an online attraction marketing system that will give you the best training and online resources you need to build your Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing business. Marketing your business online will help establish you as a leader in this industry which leads to people joining your FHTM team. By setting up this automatic marketing system online you will have an advantage over other reps and will be well on your way to reaching the success we all desire.



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