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3 World of Warcraft Auction House Mistakes Most People Make and How to Avoid It

Amassing tons of gold is something that every World of Warcraft player wants to be able to do. After all buying that epic mount doesn’t come cheap. Most World of Warcraftgamers try compensate for this by creating what is termed a World of Warcraft auction house “alt”. A low level character parked in the main city in order to play the World of Warcraft auction house market for big profits. The problem is most gamers make 3 very common mistakes when it comes to playing the auction house, so I thought I would share these in hopes to give you new ideas on how to amass tons of gold in World of Warcraft.

1. Using Your Main Character for WoW Gold Farming. This has got to be the most common World of Warcraft auction house mistake. Come on, you say you’ve got to be kidding, after all this is the way 95% of the gamers play the game. While this technique works I’ll grant you that, it does however, make the game boring, real fast. Why? Simply because it changes the way you play. All of a sudden the game becomes more about your World of Warcraft auction house alt, then your main character. Your game has now changed in that, it no longer is about raids, end game instances, or battlegrounds it has become all about this lowbie auction alt. You become fixated over the idea of gold farming, and the next thing you know the game becomes repetitious, you get bored, and you stop enjoying the game.

2. Posting too Many Lots Of the Same Item At Once. When your sitting on 10 different stacks of Fel Lotus, you gain nothing by posting it all up at the same time. I won’t even take into account the chance that some of your items won’t sell costing you re-listing fees, that would be too easy to point out. Instead what you are doing is de-evaluating the item. Others start under bidding you, and the next thing you know, you’ve dropped the market price, your items didn’t sell, and now you have to re-sell for less. Instead be patient, if your sitting on tons of inventory, stick to selling only 3-4 of the same item each time.

3. Buying Blues and Greens for Re-sale. What? Yes, you read that right. I know what you are thinking; this is the backbone to playing the World of Warcraft auction house. Again this is another very common mistake most people make. Here, again you risk not being able to turn the item around for a profit Buy wow gold  , which in the end will cost you more then the item was probably worth. This is especially true of trying to sell Outland Green items. I bet you have tried, and noticed that it could take upwards of a week or 2 sell one some of these, and it probably cost you several gold just to do so. Unless it’s a twink item you’ll make a lot more gold staying away from re-selling blues and greens.

To prove to you that everything you have been told about wow gold farming are lies, I took up a challenge I call the 30 Day Speed Gold Run Challenge. This challenge is simple; see how much gold you can make in 30 days on a brand new server, WITHOUT any help from higher levels characters and WITHOUT any skills, using only Lowbie Alts. So, how did I do?


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